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As a contingency recruiting firm specializing in the financial, tax and accounting arena, we would be pleased to assist with your organization's staffing needs by providing qualified candidates.

Although recruiting firms abound, it is important to note how we differ from others in our business. Foremost, we feel it is important to thoroughly understand your needs and present only those candidates who have the technical knowledge, educational background and the right personal characteristics to work well in your organization.

To do this effectively, we always perform the following activities:

  • Carefully listen and clearly understand your job specifications.
  • Submit the fewest and only most appropriate number of resumes.
  • Interview candidates to gain a better understanding of their abilities, job concerns and motivations.
  • Present an accurate resume reflecting a person's actual abilities.
  • Carefully qualify candidates against each position.
  • Perform detailed background reference checks.

The net result of the above activities has been a better than 85% acceptance rate of offers presented by our clients! Our firm's mission statement can be summarized in two words: repeat business.

As successful as our firm's approach has been, we remain one of the recruiting industry's best kept secrets. We do not use classified, internet ads or yellow page advertising as a primary means to locate candidates. Our best marketing is through recommendations from past and present candidates who have passed our name on to friends, family and business acquaintances. In fact, over two-thirds of our present candidates have come by way of referral.

We look forward to speaking with you in order to discuss the parameters of your most immediate financial, tax and accounting searches. To list a position search with our firm, please email us with an
overview of the position, qualification requirements, and a brief description of your company.